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I own 2 corded Dremels (the older is model 200, newer is I think a model 3000), and they both perform about the same. I was using the old one today, matter of fact, and yes on a bike. I have lots of bits from various sources. Some like the thin cut-off wheels are so quick to break they are virually disposable. I will someday inherit my Mother's Foredom (will be my saddest day but they are impressive tools!) which she has used, and my late Father too, for decades!
Dremel parts are easy to find and repairs not much trouble (I have made repairs on the old one). It/they may sit unused for weeks/months but when I need it I'm glad it's there!
One optional part I was glad to have spent for is the hand-tightened 3-jaw chuck, no need for the little stamped spanner or swapping out different collets for the different shaft diameters you will find, it's worth ever penny I think!

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