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Opinions on tubs for racing

My TT bike race wheels are tubulars. The disc and trispoke. My HED Jet 6+ from my road bike is a clincher and goes on if more windy or slower conditions.

I'm thinking of getting out of the tubulars for the sake of the ones I run on it are smaller sizes. I can probably only ever run the trispoke on baby smooth pavement on a really fast day. The disc, doesn't bother me being tubular as it has a 23mm on it that is plenty aero and plenty CRR fast. Just it would be nice to get out of gluing and into modern size stuff.

Triathletes in "long course" are all about either being tubeless to seal punctures OR clincher so they can spend 5min repair and be up and riding. For TT, your day is kind of done if you totally flat. I'm not really into road tubeless yet as I feel it's a bit fussy for the benefit.

I'm thinking of dumping the Renn disc and old HED trispoke tubulars and going with an HED plus disc and probably either a HED 9+ front or a Flo 90 front in clincher. I'd prefer the HED, but they seem to be a lot more expensive used than the Flo 90 front.

I get tired of swapping brake pads and setup to run those wheels. Training wheels are Flo 60/90 setup clincher. I'd like a modern width also to keep brake setup constant. I'd also like to be able to train more on the exact race wheels. The tubular finicky stuff means the disc only really comes out for race day.

The question: what's your opinion on being able to ride out a flat OR flat protection of a tubular over a clincher for TT racing? Is there a benefit to it possibly "saving your day" over riding a clincher?

Birthday is coming up, so I could probably sell stuff and have some boxes show up to the house without too much attention drawn.
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