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The problem is to know when to bend until everything is in the right place. There are a lot of checks. For starters you need to bend both blades back until they have the same rake as they originally had. I have a fixture to accurately measure the rake. Then you have to check that both blades have the exact same rake and furthermore bend the blades so the dropouts are equidistant to the steerer's centerline. And finally you have to make sure that the dropout faces are exactly parallel to each other. For this we use Campy H tools. Park makes some dropout alignment tools but they are not accurate enough to my liking. And then we have to check with a true wheel to see that it centers. The rebending process may have made one blade longer than the other. A bit of filing can center the wheel again. And since one aspect can move after another one is bent, it is necessary to repeat the whole process until the fork passes all tests without more tweaking.

My frame shop is in Niles and you are welcome to come over as long as you don't bring the Coronavirus with you. I'll walk you through it. I'd be willing to bet that you could have driven back and forth several times in the time it would to figure out how to do it yourself with any accuracy.
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