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I'm mostly on the bike.

I thought about buying a full weight set, but that stuff is way more expensive than I realized. By my math, it would take me 5-10 years of gym memberships to make up for it. Not sure that's worth it. (Cheaper if I went used, but not much used available, and even used prices are pretty high now.) We had a TRX system, which is good for some things. And, I had bought some bags of concrete and jugs of water to use for lifting. The concrete bags, while not as heavy as weights I would normally lift, were actually quite challenging due to size and shape and being a little loose.

But my back has been bothering me a lot more than normal recently, so a spinal surgeon friend referred me to a back orthopedist. Turns out that in addition to breaking my collarbone and ribs in my crash last fall, I also fractured my L5 vertebrae, which explains my recent back issues. So, my coach gave me some on-bike work I can do to build leg strength without lifting things that trigger my back.
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