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Originally Posted by borzoid View Post
Thank you so, so much everybody! I think the general consensus is it's not normal to feel your pelvic bones shift with each pedal.

I will build my posts up so I can post photos... I must admit, I imagine it's a pretty average bike!! I brought something cheap and secondhand to start with, in case I don't fall in love with the hobby. Though maybe I'm paying for that...

Thanks again It looks like a trip to the bike shop is in order
In addition to height there is tilt.. both the saddle and your posture.. sitting with hips rotated back,
taking pressure off the soft tissues... bending not too far forward, but keeping from rotating your hips ..

handlebar height and reach become a factor .. so you don't have to reach too low or far...

maybe a bike shop that can see you, in person can offer more suggestions..

Maybe your bargain bike is just not worth putting money into and you should start over..


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