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I prefer to do my whole vacation starting and ending at my front door on my bicycle. No schedules to arrange. Most days I wake up and rank options on where I'll be that night. I reconsider things right before getting on the road. Then a final goal around lunch time. Some days that's a motel but other times I get a stretch of days with good camping opportunities going from one national forest/wma/etc. to another. I'm not beyond stealth camping under the right conditions but at least in my current financial condition I'd usually rather get a room or pay for a campsite. But I always have my eye out for "free" especially when that breaks no rules! For example Sipsey Wilderness in Alabama allows "dispersed camping" which basically means camp anywhere you want except no closer than 50 feet to water. So I designed my route for a tour to mississippi so I'd go thru it and enjoyed a few nights of splendid beauty and not paying a dime. And unlike stealthing you don't need to be gone before dawn. Hang around and eat a good breakfast
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