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Originally Posted by rydabent View Post
Actually anyone riding a bike is a real cyclist. But there are some that think ONLY they are real cyclist. Snobbery is alive and well.
I would agree that "anyone riding a bike is a real cyclist" provided we understand that by 'cyclist' or 'cycling' we are referring to the activity of riding a bicycle for which the sole source of motive force is the power physically generated by the rider.

The sad thing is the number of people on here who want to re-define cycling to include the riding of motorized vehicles such as e-bikes.

Riding e-bikes and the like, where permitted by law (a different set of questions), is a perfectly legitimate activity, though not one that interests me, but it is not cycling.

Simple, and nothing whatsoever to do with a fictive "snobbery" that exists in, and only in, your mind. I am a "real cyclist", though an old, slow, and Fredly one. Someone whose riding is done on an e-bike is not. That is not a normative judgement; it is a simple conclusion predicated on a commonly-accepted and rational definition of 'cycling'.
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