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Big and fat:

Next to a 'regular' Kinlin 19mm wide.

Side profile:

Old 30mm vs new 32mm.
Hard to see a difference.

I swear these are like my old 29er wheels!
The 26mm tires I got measure out to 27.25mm while the 28mm tires on HSonPlus 23mm rims measure out to...28mm!
Not even a MM difference!
BTW, no tools needed to mount up the tires on the Aforce.
Now I'm thinking maybe run the 28mm on the HSonPlus.
Once I get the hub I'll be able to run both and see which is better.
If any.
The ole bicycle:

Aforce in front, HSonPlus on the rear.
Sort of hard to compare with them gumwalls.
One more thing. The brakes.
The rim is so wide, the return springs on the brakes are at their lower limits. Meaning, they are at the weakest return position (almost fully open, Campy Record Ti).
This gave me fits with the single pivot rear as the Yokozuna housing would not let the caliper return to the open position. The spring was just not well, springy enough.
I had to resort to using 'normal' brake cable housings in the rear (the black housing near the seat post).
The Yokozuna housing is super stiff so even if the caliper were compressed for normal sized wheels I'm not sure the spring would still have been able to open brakes but the width of the rim sure didn't help.
Probably the compressionless housings using the little barrels would be okay (Jagwire, Nokon oh please I just re cabled the whole damn bicycle).

The Flaw:
I've managed to tweak out the 'hop' in the rim so it's only like a 1/4 inch wide (radially) 'bump.'
I'm gonna try and shoot some video so you can see what I'm talking about.
With the calipers, it seems like the width of the rim is only like a couple tenths of a mm wider at the bump, but you can see it and feel it.
Maybe if it were any other person, it may not matter. However I am, and I dislike using this moniker, an artist (BFA Sculpture but mostly ceramics), and quite OCD.
Feel like busting out my die grinder and fixing it. I would if I could anodize. Actually I think I got the anodizing chemicals back at work (I teach art too) so I would just need a big battery.

Anyways, I'll give these a ride once the hub comes in hopefully end of next week.

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