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Originally Posted by Rajflyboy View Post
In the area this happened is a very very busy (traffic) area about 30 miles north of CHARLOTTE.

Sad but it happens around here frequently
True. That area pops up often on my Facebook feed news from various cycling journals. Lots of motorists striking cyclists. A friend's daughter was struck and killed in that area while training for a pro team. It motivated him to organize and lead the local Ride of Silence and was a great organizer for the cycling community. Sadly he dropped dead of a heart attack walking to his car from the hardware store. And he was only in his late 50s, in good shape, rode his bike often. Might have happened anyway but he never really stopped grieving over the loss of his daughter.

Originally Posted by BlazingPedals View Post
I hate reading these reports. This past fall, we had a club member killed in a similar fashion. In typical victim-blaming, the 80+y.o. driver claimed the cyclist swerved in front of him. The reality was, the cyclists did a hand-signal and was making a legal left-hand turn onto a cross road when the old man attempted to pass him. Also killed instantly.
Typical passive/aggressive move by too many drivers. They interpret a turn signal as "Speed up to cut you off."

Same reason I avoid bike lanes. Too many drivers use them as passing lanes to pass -- on the right hand side -- drivers who slowed to make left turns. And the drivers don't slow down and sneak into the bike lane carefully to check for pedestrians or cyclists. They swoop to the right at full speed. I've recorded it on video but the police won't do anything unless they witness is personally. To their credit, the police do patrol and park-and-watch that area often now in response to complaints. And I've seen 'em stop many vehicles. So they're making an effort.

Originally Posted by Rajflyboy View Post
unless witnesses see these accidents we have no idea exactly what happened
That's why I run video cameras on the front and back of my bikes.
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