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Originally Posted by Kabuki12 View Post
It is interesting that non cyclists view this topic and some feel that there is no reason someone should be on the road with a bicycle when the road is meant for cars. I get this from people who do not ride a lot . These are seemingly well meaning individuals. What these folks donít understand is the danger in not respecting the space of another human being on a bike. Unfortunately sometimes it is too late when they finally get the message. It doesnít matter if you believe someone should or shouldnít be on a bike , it is another human being and one poor decision and that life comes to an end. No turning back!
But you also cannot just randomly blame the vehicle for the accident without all the facts (each accident is created differently)

there is a reason why these things are called accidents (normal people just donít wake up one day and say I am going to run over a bicyclist today). Things happen (unfortunately).

and yes itís sad
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