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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
As i recall the poster mentioned hydraulic brakes and oil shocks. I didn't pay attention to the latter because i have air shocks, but I guess the idea was that the oil would be pulled by gravity out of the top of the fork if it was stored inverted.

I have no clue, because I am sure when they ship the shocks they cannot prevent every one from turning up[side down ... or maybe they actually take that much care in packaging---I hope so.

But, yes, it was that the brakes would need to be bled if the bike was hung up inverted ... and I do not need soft brakes on my MTB ... enough "Oh, No!" moments as it is.

Thanks very much for the confirmation.

On the other hand, you might just have prevented the shooting of some very entertaining GoPro YouTube footage of me eating it.
1. Air shocks use oil.
2. If you have air in the brake system, the bubble needs to only move out of the caliper. Regardless, you'll still have adequate braking.

This has held true for my past 20+ years of use of hydraulic brakes from a variety of companies.
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