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Originally Posted by Chr0m0ly View Post
Halloo Golden Boy!
I posted some questions about Treks ‘86 Triathlon series but it’s not seeing a lot of attention, so I’m (sorry!) going to do a mini-derail here.

I had an ‘84 610 that I loved for its “medium-ness” livelier than a touring bike, more forgiving than the X60 series. Does your 400 fall into that same lovely middle category?

I’m pretty sure the ‘86 Triathlon 500 and 700 were the same bike as the Elance series but with better tubing, is that correct?

I’d love to find another “middle-ish” bike I could fit 700-32s on, (sans fender) with a saddle role and a bar bag. Something that would carry a jacket and a lunch but was just a little more aggressive than a full boat tourer.
Get your own thread! Having no bike experience other than this, The strong frame has been good with a lot of weight (had pannier bags at one point) and still felt fast. I've never been on a race bike, and only cheap Walmart bikes as far as commuters and mountain bikes. I always liked the weight of this one, felt strong but still light. One thing I did change for a long time was the tires, I've got a set of ribbed 32s that "feel" better than the 23s, (and didn't pop as often). Absorbed more of the road, but were MUCH slower according to my Hall effect speed gauge. (Obviously that absorbing and road friction steal some power). I'm sure you were asking Golden Boy, but this is my thread, so I felt okay answering haha.

Anyone know for sure this ball bearing size? It's measuring with calipers about 1/8, but they aren't exactly round and good anymore. These are SR SP-250 pedals. I'll look, but I think my grease gun has some bearing grease in it from the last trailer I built that will probably work fine. Looks like I'm gettin bearing balls off amazon, no where locally seems to have this size in stock (even Fastenal has to ship them).

Cleaning suggestion other than mineral oil? I just used some dawn as a degreaser. I'm going to lightly hit them with the polisher on the Dremel I think. I'll avoid the actual bearing contact area as much as possible. It's pitted, but doesn't stick up anyway, so it should still run smooth with some grease. I'm feeling optimistic.
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