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Cycling computer recommendation....

I will be updating from my Lezyne SuperGPS, and am looking at the following:

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt
Wahoo Elemnt Roam
Garmin Edge 530
Stages Dash M50/L50

I am running Varia radar, and all are now compatible.

My highest priority is reliability. I despise losing ride data. It's irrational, but I'll sulk for a week if a unit crashes or freezes, and I can't recover data. It's gotta work, every time.

Second highest priority is UI speed and flow. If the unit is under powered, or the UI is buggy or slow, that's a no-go. If navigation or moving between data screens is doggy, it's not the unit for me.

I value training data, but don't need compatibility with training websites to upload workouts from. I do want to be able to enter interval workouts in the unit on the fly if possible though. I think Garmin may be the only one that can do that ??

I like add-ons such as the Garmin Climb Pro, but not at the expense of reliability or cost of UI speed. Battery life is important, but my rides aren't more than 5-8hrs. I'm not a weight weenie, but lighter and compact is good. Visibility of data is important. I carry my smartphone with me, so having features tethered to the phone isn't a problem.

Turn by turn navigation would be nice, but the superiority of the nav is less important to me than a reliable and quick-using unit with data metrics I can access on the ride.

Not sure if there are any folks with experience using more than one of the aforementioned units, but I'd be obliged for any of your thoughts and experiences. Thanks !
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