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Originally Posted by texaspandj View Post
^^^Yeah, I don't know what that means either.
However, I do remember the midnight movies. It was sponsored by our local radio station Waco 100 with the call letters actually W-A-C-O (I think its the only radio station in the country with the same call letters as the town it's in ). The admission price was 1 dollar. Anyways, man I was a teenager and hung around with my cousin if I wasn't with a girlfriend. One time he decided to pay with pennies, 99 pennies to be Exact. So the girl starts counting and it's short a penny, she says don't worry about it But he says I know it's 100 count again. So she starts counting again....I couldn't take anymore so I threw her a penny. My cousin could talk Me in to anything including jokes like that. I don't know how he had my number but man the things I did cause he thought it was a good joke. Man I gotta give him a call.
I was right, then. That's the concert ticket flyer/stub from the show in the Richmond. Ellen Aim is the greatest fictional rock goddess of all time. The Attackers, and later the Sorels also were/are her backup bands. Here is the beginning and the end of Streets Of Fire. Bad A$$ Tom Cody exits the stage as Ellen begins to bring it in the second one. Awesome!

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