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Originally Posted by texaspandj View Post
However, I do remember the midnight movies. It was sponsored by our local radio station Waco 100 with the call letters actually W-A-C-O (I think its the only radio station in the country with the same call letters as the town it's in ).
My roommate in college was in Rocky Horror midnight showings. Never saw it, but I saw Rocky way more than I wanted to.

The standard is that the "W" radio stations are east of the Mississipi and the "K" stations are west. However, the Mississippi River wasn't always the standard line for east-west divide. Previously, it was the state boarders from the Great Lakes to the Texas/New Mexico boarder. I believe established stations that continue to run still continue with their old naming convention, dating back to pre-1923. This is standard, except for a K that is notable because it's in Pittsburgh (KDKA). there are a couple of three-letter call signs West of the Mississippi that start with K. WACO is also one of three stations where the call sign is also the city/town where the station is located. The other two are WARE (Ware, Ma) and WISE (Wise, Va). There are several three-letter call signs that do not follow the K/W division.

And that, folks, is $45k in college loans in a nutshell...
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