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I've waxed my chains before, but I haven't been doing it recently. I've been swapping between two chains about every 500 miles or so (to try to slow chainring and cassette wear), and it's easy peasy to just soak my chains in mineral spirits or some other degreaser in a jar when I pull it off the bike, shake the jar a few times, pull the chain out, give it a quick rinse in some cleaner mineral spirits in a second jar, and hang it up to dry. Almost no effort to get it as squeaky clean as it needs to be. I then use NFS oil lube on the chain, and it's good for its next 500 miles.

When I did wax my chains, I had a heated ultrasonic cleaner that I'd put my jar of wax concoction into (wax, some moly powder, teflon powder, etc.) and let it melt, then put the chain into it when it was hot and turn on the ultrasonic vibration. I'd see little bubbles coming out of the chain as the wax penetrated all the interior spaces. When the bubbles stopped, the chain would come out and hang up to cool and dry. I'd get wax flakes for several rides as the excess flaked off, but this didn't concern me. The reason I've stopped waxing the chains is that A) my ultrasonic cleaner died, and that's how I was both cleaning the chain and melting the wax, and B) it requires more advance notice, since it takes time for the heated ultrasonic cleaner to melt the wax and get it nice and hot, ready for a chain, and C) a very few times I got caught out in the rain during a ride and my waxed chain started making lots of chain noise during and after that, which I was unhappy about. Using a room-temperature Mason jar filled with mineral spirits to clean the chain, then simply applying a few drops of the NFS lube when I put the chain back on the bike takes much less time, and is easily just as effective.
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