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Yeah, it's been so bad this year my allergy symptoms match most symptoms for the coronavirus infection, other than a fever.

I've tried riding with surgical masks but it's miserable, even in winter.

All I could do is double up on the usual allergy precautions and avoid riding outdoors on the worst days. I'm taking Zyrtec in daytime and Xyzal at night -- and I might just skip the Zyrtec and stick with the Xyzal, which seems to work better. Albuterol and Flonase several times a day. Saline nasal rinses. Aspirin and diclofenac for the chronic respiratory and sinus inflammation.

I have Sudafed and Primatene tablets (ephedrine with guaifenesin expectorant) but those elevate my heart rate and blood pressure, so I take 'em only when absolutely necessary.

Nasal decongestants like oxymetazoline help with short term congestion but the rebound effect basically makes them addictive -- the more we use them, the more we need them. So I try to stick with saline nasal rinses.

Other than that, I got nuthin'. Sucks for folks with serious respiratory allergies.
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