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Updating wheels on an Ironman?

Hi everyone, hoping a few of you patient members would help clarify how I can fit new style clincher wheels onto an ironman. I've read various posts and with all the different ways of describing hubs, cassettes, flywheels, indexing, friction, re-dishing...I'm a bit overwhelmed.
From what I researched I can coldset frame to accept the wider wheels but that my ironman may already be at 128mm so I could just force them in. Done.
Here's where I'm stuck, since my ironman probably has a freewheel vs the newer freehub, I should

Option 1. Buy 7 sprocket cassette, add 4.5mm spacer. Will the existing derailleur & shifter be compatible?
Option 2. Use the existing 10 speed cassette. If I do this, I assume a newer derailleur and shifter will need to be purchased?
Lastly, will wheels need to be re-dish regardless of either options. Is this because more weight has shifted to the drivetrain side?
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