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Originally Posted by N2motorsports View Post
Hi everyone, hoping a few of you patient members would help clarify how I can fit new style clincher wheels onto an ironman. I've read various posts and with all the different ways of describing hubs, cassettes, flywheels, indexing, friction, re-dishing...I'm a bit overwhelmed.
From what I researched I can coldset frame to accept the wider wheels but that my ironman may already be at 128mm so I could just force them in. Done.
Here's where I'm stuck, since my ironman probably has a freewheel vs the newer freehub, I should

What year and model Ironman? What components are currently on it? Why are we changing the wheels?

Option 1. Buy 7 sprocket cassette, add 4.5mm spacer. Will the existing derailleur & shifter be compatible? If your bike already has 7spd index shifting this is the simplest way to go, I've done this on a bike or two albeit with friction shifting and it worked well.

Option 2. Use the existing 10 speed cassette. If I do this, I assume a newer derailleur and shifter will need to be purchased?
Lastly, will wheels need to be re-dish regardless of either options. Is this because more weight has shifted to the drivetrain side? Depending on how your bike is set up and you don't mind friction shifting your current deraileur and shifter may handle the 10sp cassette, if you want to stay with index then yes you need a new set of shifters and rear derailleur. If you're buying off the shelf wheels they should not need to be redished for any reason unless you change the axle.


Good morning and welcome to the forums!! Any pics so we know more about the model of your Ironman?
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