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Originally Posted by chewybrian View Post
Living on the east coast, near Cocoa Beach, I can confirm that this is true for all of Florida.
I was in Palm Bay this last year, and went through Dorian. I was living in an RV, doing contract design work in the area. In the RV, I was always prepared to go "dry camping" for a week or more... have food, water, gloves, alcohol (to drink and wash).

I kept asking folks at work what I should plan for, and kept getting "don't worry" responses as the NHC kept upgrading the strength of the storm.

About 3-4 days before it was due to hit, I noticed the panic buying and change of mood... Publix had pallets of water, HD had generators on sale.

I hooked up my RV and went to western Georgia... the roads were clear, as Floridians had not yet panicked enough to start their own exodus. I listened to the radio, and 2 days later, there was no gas, highways were crowded... the governor was declaring emergencies. JEEZE.

Florida is full of crazy folks. (Floridaman) Live for the moment and play or panic. What really got me is all the folks wanting to return generators and the like... as if another storm will never come.

Must be the heat and humidity... drives folks nuts!

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