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BTW, if you haven't already done so, consider some methodical changes in diet to see if it helps with chronic allergies. I've done that over the past few years and it did help.

The biggest single change was eliminating beer. I loved beer but it doesn't love me. Within an hour I'd get the same symptoms I get from nasal allergies -- congestion, dull headache, slightly sore throat, etc. The next day I'd have hangover type symptoms from a single beer. I tried modifying my beer drinking, thinking it might be due to the hops or particular grain or other factor, but there was no definite, repeatable improvement other than just quitting beer completely. Didn't really matter whether it was my favorite 6% ABV super-hoppy ale, 11% dark winter brew, or can of Bud or Lone Star. It was all pretty much the same. Might have also been due to my thyroid problem and auto-immune disorder, but whatever... giving up beer eliminated one pesky problem that felt like nasal allergy symptoms.

Some friends who've gone full-carnivorous diet say it eliminated many of their health problems including chronic allergies. They were surprised to find it cleared up their nasal allergies too, not just digestive allergies. Worth a try.

I'm not a zealot about anything in my diet, but I'll try anything for awhile just to see if it helps.
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