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Originally Posted by merziac View Post
Yep, SP, binder bolt, stem, HS, brakes. Wish it had the Schwinn hubs but by then they were Campy branded, supposedly the same but Schwinn branded before that,replaceable alloy flanges pressed onto steel barrels.

There are a couple of websites that have Whitworth wrenches and they are on efbay as well.

I have probably 20 "fit all" Cresent wrenches from 4in. to 24in. including a set of "Death Grip" Snap-on Flank Drive. They will snap bolts off before they let go so you have to be careful going there. I don't want to chew up this hardware so I will have to gather my Chi and finesse this carefully.

I assume the beeswax acts like anti-seize on the threads and carbon paste like on the clamping parts somehow?
Old style saddle clamps, even Brooks, are cheap hardware. Lean on the wrench and no way to tell what’s tightening torque and what is just binding and interference. Grease works too but the wrench feel is just not as good and then you have loose grease collecting dirt. I use wax on the serrations as well. Again it improves wrench feel. Also since I started doing that old clamps that had previously slipped become serviceable. You might posit that wax on the serrations changes vibration or harmonics or posit anything you like, seems to work.
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