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Originally Posted by rhm View Post
Huh! Neat bike. Definitely not my thing. But the aesthetic speaks for itself. One look at all the photos, I think I understood what you were going for, and I think you nailed it. It's beautiful.

Obviously built it for me with my own skewed vision and agree that I indeed did nail it. Still have to get it out on the road after some fine tuning and the weather isn't really cooperating.

Although it was ok today and I should have ridden the rain bike to work today at least but no cigar, forecast was crap so I whimped out.

Normally overcoming the threat of rain motivates me to ride anyway but going to the hospital with this S**TSHOW storming straight at us is enough to kill any extra motivation so it's not happening when I probably need it most.

Also not up for struggling with the new setup so It will have to wait for the sun to hopefully motivate me.
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