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Originally Posted by Dfrost View Post

My 63.5cm (ctt) Marinoni frame and fork with Chris King 1” headset came in at 3225gm (7.104 lbs). It’s standard diameter SLX tubing, but fully chrome underneath the original paint. You’ve seen it several times.

FWIW, its 700C version wheels with tb14 rims, Shimano tricolor hubs, 12-30 8-spd loose cog cassette, 700x32 Compass tires and heavy-ish Michelin tubes, Campy Chorus skewers weigh 1185gm front, 1820gm rear (650B set with 38mm EL but light tubes, weighed more recently, are about 90gm more). Whew, that’s a bunch of things to keep in mind.

Of course, that’s on my digital scales at the time. But it all weighs what it needs to!
Yep, seen it I have, a big part of my Marinoni appreciation, love it. Do you know how much the chrome adds and whats the total on it?

So mine is actually 64 ctt with about 10mm drop at the back of the TT with a 1 degree slope.

Do you know exactly how Marinoni measured ctt? Dave Moulton says old english ctt is ctc + 2cm to filter out angle, points and scallops at the top of the seatlug.

And he also talks about how he never would have done it that way if he knew that wasn't really the only way to do it, by then it was too late, he had already built 100's of frames sized the old way.

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