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Originally Posted by merziac View Post
Yep, seen it I have, a big part of my Marinoni appreciation, love it. Do you know how much the chrome adds and whats the total on it?

So mine is actually 64 ctt with about 10mm drop at the back of the TT with a 1 degree slope.

Do you know exactly how Marinoni measured ctt? Dave Moulton says old english ctt is ctc + 2cm to filter out angle, points and scallops at the top of the seatlug.

And he also talks about how he never would have done it that way if he knew that wasn't really the only way to do it, by then it was too late, he had already built 100's of frames sized the old way.

Actually my Marinoni is considered 62cm ctc. I generally use the ctt number since that seems useful these days in conversations about bike size. So my ctt number is just that +half a TT diameter. FWIW, the Klein I had for many years was considered 60cm (yeah, it was too small) and they measured to the top of the actual horizontal TT, not their extended ST.

No idea what a full frame worth of (presumably good old school, full toxic, multi-layer) chrome adds. The complete Marinoni, “bare” with Berthoud Ti-rail saddle on a VO long setback post, Shimano SPD pedals, two King bottle cages weighs right at 24 lbs. I’d double check it now on the digital scale built into my Topeak workstand, but it’s not in bare bike configuration now, since I always have that minimalist Tubus rack, lights, computer, etc. installed.

Maybe with all this spare time these days I’ll do another measurement, without as much of that stuff as I can take off reasonably.
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