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Originally Posted by prairiepedaler View Post
I don't think bidets are heated and those have been around for a while. Consider Sydney Steve's solution a form of "Hillbilly Bidet".
Having never used a bidet, I have no idea; however, I do know that on certain toilets, my "parts" have dangled into that cold water, and I did not enjoy it.

OK, thanks to the 'net... here's the info...

When you actually face the controls on the bidet it is easier to turn the jets on and off or make adjustments in the water temperature or flow on some models.

Now I know there are folks out there saying "well, that's more than I want to know..." OK, fine... move on. I have been to Europe, have seen these things (in tiny European bathrooms) and wondered... "what the hell..."

Now interestingly enough... just searching for information, because my location data no doubt says "US," I had to wade through countless pages of bidet seats, bidet toilet attachments, and how US add on versions work, and that they are "widely available now." All this, before I got to the simple basic stuff. (who knew there was a )

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