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Originally Posted by Mad Honk View Post
Sheldon's method again reminds me that long ago there was a Var tool that used the same principle to remove the fixed cup. A friend and bike shop owner here in town lamented to me that the tool could not be found anywhere and she wanted another one. Maybe it is time for me to get some parts and go do some welding to make a new tool for her. Thanks for the reminder. Looks like another project for the Stay In Place order I'm under. Thanks, MH
Yeah, the VAR tool was the standard tool for installing and removing bottom bracket fixed cups for decades. Sometimes the similar Campagnolo tool was used, mostly for the campy and similar units. Those are the only tools I ever used BITD when I was working in shops.* They are the right tool for the right job IMO. Generally a breaker bar was used to install French and Italian fixed cups. They had to be tight or they could come loose. A breaker could also be used to remove stubborn cups.

To make one I think you'd need a lathe and a milling machine, not a welder.

The Sheldon method seems a little crude to me, but it obviously works. The above tools don't work the same way, since friction isn't used to grab the cup. VAR never made a friction tool that I'd ever heard of, but of course it's possible I missed it.

* Maybe there was a Hozan knockoff also. Can't remember.
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