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Originally Posted by JohnDThompson View Post
I don't recall that VAR had a friction-type fixed cup tool. They did have the VAR-30, but that uses a jaw to hold the cup. You don't have to crank the pieces together super-tight, just enough to keep the jaw in place:

Zeus did have a professional-grade friction-type fixed cup tool; you can see it in the lower right of the case:

Others were also available:

The tool I am remembering was a two piece tool similar to the Zeus one pictured. It was black steel and threaded into each other, and only had two flats on each end. You wrenched the two pieces together sandwiching the bottom bracket cup in between them,and then turned the tool with a wrench on the flats of either end. Depending on the thread pattern you either turned the drive side or the non drive side to remove the cup. Smiles, MH
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