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Originally Posted by RiddleOfSteel View Post
I was going to guess right around 25 lbs as that is what the Paramount is. May not have a boat anchor seat post, but still has a B17 and triple gearing. It seems around 24-26 lbs is where the bike tells the road what to do/feel while also not being a total tank. Below 20 lb is fun, but the road is for sure telling the bike and the rider what they should be feeling. I think that the leather saddle, more upright seating position, and carbon crank are really helping the frame and tire combo out on ride. The more saddle-to-bum contact (generally due to more upright torso orientation) = the more it feels like I'm sitting in a car's seat or on a couch = the more comfortable I feel and the more comfortable my brain tells me to feel. To the point that I think I need a seatbelt!

Those tires are 32mm right? They certainly look it. Not too "overly-heavy" for their size. My (used) Soma Supple Vitesse EX "33mm" tires (measure a solid 30mm) are in the 275g range and Continental specs 340g for the 32mm variant, and 295g for the 28mm. 1/4 of a pound I suppose does add up, but at least you get a high TPI count.
You and Mr. Frost are in the same camp he was at 25 as well. The tires are 32's.

You bring up a great point about the "target" weight, hadn't thought about it that way before and don't really have your perspective having meticulously built so many bikes and wrung them out properly but it clicks now, spot on.

I will definitely lighten this up to test out the theory for myself but am all in on the the rationale so we'll see.
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