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Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
What liability does your son take on if he is riding with a junior like that if something bad happens, like getting struck by a car?

I know a couple coaches who won't train juniors because they don't want to have any responsibility for them riding on open roads.
IMO, once one examines the liability of coaching someone the business model starts to look difficult. At a minimum, the athlete must sign a waiver and the coach may or should have liability insurance in the case of accidents.

Juniors are another problem. For example, when I supervised the track that was attended by juniors, no junior was allowed to ride unless we had a current signed waiver from a parent or legal guardian (the same was true for adults). And juniors can show up with signed waivers that ahem someone else signed for them i.e. another junior.

To complicate matters further, if an adult falls a judgement call can be made to call 911. And an adult can refuse an ambulance ride. If a junior falls, theoretically, 911 must be called and the junior must get a ride to the ER. A junior cannot refuse a ride only a parent or guardian can make that call.

So junior is learning to ride fixed gear stops and falls in the grass. The parent is not there. Do you call 911 and send him to the ER?

New hypo...I was at the indoor track watching racing and they were running a junior girl mass start kilo race - 4 laps. The fathers were the holders for the daughters (12 years old) or some designee. After the neutral lap, all the girls crashed on lap one and some hit the deck sort of hard. What do you think happened?

All the girls were attended to by the fathers and put back on the starting line for a restart. That is the parents’ prerogative.

Without the parents there, the outcome would have been quite different or there would have been liability if it later turns out that one of the girls was seriously hurt and not properly attended to.

Adult to adult liability is usually okay but adult to child without the parent involved is dicey. YMMV a lot.

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