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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
So my winter/cold-weather cycling dilemma is whether to seek out the elusive gloves that will keep my fingers warm in sub-freeing temps (typically in the teens or 20's) or just accept that my mittens work well enough and leave it there. The mittens work great to keep fingers warm, but I don't feel as confident with braking/shifting etc. compared to gloves.

The top rated cold weather cycling gloves are all pricey ($100-ish and up) so I really don't want to spend that type of coin unless it really works.

Should I post in the "Cold Weather Cycling" forum??
I have exactly the same dilemma, but I don't think the $100 solution is going to help much. I think I've gone up to about 80 and I'm still miserable when it's much below freezing. What I have found helpful is just to make sure the core temp stays up. That's where a lot of the signaling for vasoconstriction in the extremities is coming from anyway. I also think lack of thermal mass may be why people like us have particular problems.

This is going to be my lightest winter since I ran XC in college and I'm not looking forward to it.
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