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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
So my winter/cold-weather cycling dilemma is whether to seek out the elusive gloves that will keep my fingers warm in sub-freeing temps (typically in the teens or 20's) or just accept that my mittens work well enough and leave it there. The mittens work great to keep fingers warm, but I don't feel as confident with braking/shifting etc. compared to gloves.

The top rated cold weather cycling gloves are all pricey ($100-ish and up) so I really don't want to spend that type of coin unless it really works.

Should I post in the "Cold Weather Cycling" forum??
Originally Posted by SwtBadger View Post
I've thought about getting some "Lobster" gloves as a medium solution. They break the mitten up so that instead of all four fingers together, its two and two + the thumb. I'm guessing warmer but still klutzy compared to regular gloves.
Back when I still rode outdoors in the winter I managed to get a pretty good setup that was sufficient into the high-teens/low twenties. Lobster gloves served me well into the 20s (with Kansas windchill) and I wasn't greatly hampered with shifting/braking etc--but I won't pretend they were as nimble as no gloves.

Mine are Pearl Izumi and I don't know how much they cost because they were a Christmas present from my wife. But I have no complaints.

I have some bar mitts too which are fantastic, you can ride in the teens with just a thin glove on your hands. But they limit you to the hoods, if you're on a drop bar bike. And they're a minor hassle to take on and off. And when it gets that cold there are other limitations and drawbacks and I just generally don't ride that much.
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