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I`ve now done two downhill commutes (to work) and one uphill (home). My experience is based solely on mountain bikes. I`ve done this commute with a 29er single speed (GF Rig) and my full suspension Marin Mount Vision (26er). Here are a few notes with those as reference points.

-The Whipshot is much more responsive in it`s steering.
-The wheels are the same diameter as my 29er, but these make the 29er feel like pretty flexible sluggish wheels. Tires may have an impact here as well
-I`m getting more comfortable on the downhill (gravel switchbacks) and I think it`s as sure-footed as my mountain bikes
-I`ve got tonnes of high gears compared to the 3x9 mountain bike. Definitely geared higher than a mountain bike
-The frame rear-end is definitely more compliant than my aluminum hard tail even with the relatively soft MTB tires.
-The front end takes more concentration over the bumps.
-This morning I took a rooty and rocky forrest trail for 1.5km as an alternate. The Whipshot seemed more at home than I expected. It will likely take more practice for me to maneouver the handlebars through the tight treed corners, but I think it will eventually feel as comfortable to maneouver as my 26er MTB.

-gravel section switchbacks would benefit from some lower gearing. If I had a longer section, I could see me missing (desperately) my granny gear from the 3x9
-the bike is generally much more responsive (power transfer) than my MTBs, This definitely helps those steeper sections without needing to gear down.
-My climb speeds are 50% faster than my geared MTB and 25% faster than my singlespeed. (get lazy in granny gear on 3x9 and have to go faster or get off on my SS)
-One guy passed me up the hill, but he had a eBike!

Pathways & roads:
-I`m moving much faster on pavement than ever (not unexpected)
-Proving a little harder to keep within the speed limit (we do have cops patrolling)
-Really just an easier pedal and more fun than slapping knobby MTB tires against the pavement
-Wind is not as big an impact with the lower riding position

I realize that lots of these comments are likely similar for anyone switching from a MTB to a CX bike. Overall I`m very happy with the changes as most of them were anticipated. I am surprised at the capability of the Whipshot on fairly gnarly trails.

Thoughts on the Whipshot build:
I think Titanium has to be my new favorite frame material. It`s not nearly as common, the compliance seems really good and I like that there is no paint finish.
The DT Swiss wheelset are likely the best I`ve ridden. I`m surprised at the cornering and stiffness but some of this is likely the high pressure, narrow 32mm tires.
The welds on the frame look very good, consistent and controlled. I do believe the frame will last me as long as I could hope for.
The brakes are excellent. They have great modulation and I can feel the lock-up point without getting there (if that makes sense)
I have rubbed my feet on the front wheel a few times now, always in low speed cornering. I have platforms rather than clipless pedals so I think I may have had my feet poorly placed when it happened. (I`m size 11 feet)
I got the 58cm frame size. I`m 6`0`` with a 34inch inseam.
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