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onyerleft: It is too bad that we have these border controls but I have a feeling it`ll get worse for a while yet. Overall, I have to say that I`m pretty happy with how easily it turned out. There is a huge influence of the bike manufacturers as well restricting the sale of bikes from one jurisdiction to the next. You can see this for example on Jensonusa site where some of the bikes are not allowed to be sold outside the state. This is the manufacturer trying to control different prices in different markets.

lazyass: We tend to justify pretty crazy things for a new bike! I figured at $6.50 each day to ride the train and bus back and forth I could pay it out in less than 2 yrs. I also got the added benefit of working off my gut as well as my commute times are actually shorter on the bike than on transit. It also smells a lot better on the bike paths than armpits to noses on transit during rush hour.

We`ve got a bad air-quality index day here in town due to the forest fire smoke rolling in from interior BC. Not a good day to be outside so no commute today. Hopefully tomorrow is better. I have to keep working at payout!
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