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Wow, that`s a lot of BD experience. How is the Fantom Pro cross bike?
Our rockies have some amazing riding for sure and I have been Mountain Biking in there for 20yrs. The cross bike gives me another option for some of the less gnarly trails.
I don't think BD or Motobecane are too concerned about us Canadians. We're only 1/10th of the size of the US market at best. That's alright with me too as almost everyone up here has never seen a Motobecane. Some remember it's old French roots but are shocked the name is still around and active (not that there's any relationship of the new bikes to the old ones).

Houston is so easy for us to get to and is an easy trip to great warm weather in the spring. I've hit up Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Galveston over the last 2 years. Great piece of land you Texans have down there and I'm in love with the pride you all have for it. Keep it up while we Canadians continue to apologize for everything anybody takes minor offence over;-)
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