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Alrighty. A few hundred km on the new wheels and a quick check in:
I'm getting quite comfortable on the bike. It is a much faster ride than I've been used to. I'm still a bit timid on the gravel switchbacks and the tight turns in the single track. I've gone over on the bike a few times now. Once was too quick on a gravel turn, the other was clipping a small hidden stump just outside of the singletrack rut.
I'm setting up for cold weather riding now as the temperature in the morning here is approaching freezing (within a degree or two). Cycling gloves are still OK for now, but I've got a merino wool outer layer I need in the morning. Still shorts weather tho!
I've purchased bike mitts for the handle bars but I haven't put them on yet. Maybe once we get -10C or so. I've also taken advice from another forum on a water bottle. I'm using an old contigo large coffee mug. The lid has very little drinking area exposed to the dust/mud and is easy to wipe off. The insulation allows me to have a cold drink in the warm weather and no freezing issues when we get into our local deep freeze (-30C).
The only irritant I have so far is I have some brake rub that is getting annoying. I'm going to loosen the brake calipers, squeeze the brake levers hard and re-torque. Hopefully that works to quieten it down.
Last thing is that the brakes sing a bit when I stop. This is something that happens with my disc brakes on my MTB as well. I don't hear everyone singing so I'm wondering if there is a reason for this or a solution to make them quieter? Anybody have an answer to that one?

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