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Originally Posted by gregf83 View Post
Prove it.
You can! That's the best thing about empirical training! It's all about you. You are the subject in a study with N=1. All you need to know is what indicates success, which is easy because if you can go longer or it's easier then it's working. If not, it's not.

Getting ahead a bit again but these questions help me to figure out how to eventually communicate this stuff.


5-10% is a range where athletes have responded well based on internal data. Stay in there and you're good. But, as you begin to watch this and make adjustments and analyze trends, could you discover that 4% works for you or you can get away with a 11% or you are time-limited so more stimulus is actually required due to forced recovery because you can't work out very frequently? Yes! Or if your older like me and are load-limited then you might go easier. Perfect!

The point is that you'll know whether its working and understand it and understand yourself. Go for it!
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