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Originally Posted by trsnrtr View Post
as most veteran addictionites know, i suffer from radiation induced gastric problems. My gastro doc and my family doc have finally got my diet squared away that is compatible for blood sugar issues and my gastric issues. It relies heavily on certain vegetables and lean animal protein. The up side besides losing weight is that my riding has been the most enjoyable in probably 5 years. I recover quickly, sleep well, and feel great.

I always felt that i could eat anything and be ok but a plant-based diet and some quality animal protein has made a believer out of me. I try to eat only basic foods and never deliberately eat processed stuff.

Quality food has changed my life.

Edited to add, waffles/pancakes are not on my list of foods that i should eat and i don't know if nutella is on my list or not but i wouldn't eat it anyway.
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