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Originally Posted by Velo Vol View Post
That's kind of where this goes, but I'll see if it's relatable.

I was being moused up in the infusion center this morning. At first it was just me. Nice and peaceful, except for the TV playing HGTV.

Half an hour or so in an old, skinny guy wanders in. It seemed he was supposed to be waiting in the waiting room, as he had not yet made his required stop with the PA, but somehow he had gotten buzzed in and was messing around with the infusion room coffee machine.

The nurse jokingly chided him for being well behind his scheduled appointment. I think she was annoyed because they close at noon on Fridays, but rather than say that directly, she mitigated, with teasing.

He sat at the opposite side of the room as me.

A little later a middle age lady comes in and sits on his side. Soon she joins in the banter with the coffee guy and nurse. She turns out to be much noisier than him. Guy was messing with the paper work we were required to fill out because "it's a new year." Anyway, for some reason he asked for scissors. After he used them, as the nurse was returning to her station, the loud woman stopped her and tried to get her to cut the sleeve on her blouse for the upcoming injection. wut

Anyway, while all this tomfoolery is going on across the room, I'm minding my own business, reading my book or trying to nap. It didn't take long for loud lady to seize upon the contrast and deemed my side of the room the "good side," meaning quiet and not joshing with the nurse, I assume.

Then the needlephobe came in. She brought in her husband, apparently for moral support. He looked like the ZZ Top guitarist and oddly just stood there the whole time, rather than sit in one of the chairs. After a little random back and forth, it came out that needlephobe didn't eat bacon because she had become a "Hebrew" and then her conversation with the loud lady was off to the races on theology. I'm not sure why you would talk to a complete stranger at the doctor's office about that, but hey, it's more substantive than "what's for lunch?"

During this conversation the loud lady made another reference to the "good side." Then finally before I left, she came at me again about my quietness.

I'm guessing I'm not alone here, but for me whenever I'm in a social setting with someone new, the first time they comment on me not saying much, I'm like, "yeah, you're right." But then it gets more every time they say it thereafter.

The End.
It would depend upon my mood, ​​​​but I would have likely done the same (nothing). I'm not bothered by silence and I don't feel the need to assuage someone that is, whether they're uncomfortable with it in general or with mine, specifically. Honestly, if someone obnoxious finds it awkward and uncomfortable, I tend to relish it even more.
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