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Originally Posted by xiaoman1 View Post
Veggie, Nice score!
You don't need to file the bars, you can open them slightly...There is a tool made specifically for this but I have used a socket ( all of my Craftsmen's have a slight bevel on either end). Find one that is just a little larger than the clamp ring, push it in and move up a size if the dia. is still too small.
Works every time..Good luck.
Best, Ben
Great suggestion, thanks! I pulled out my sockets, got through 16 and 17, but my harbor freight socket kit doesn't have an 18mm. But I know my dad does!

Originally Posted by fleslider View Post
Keep it Campy!
Oh yeah! Campy all the way! I've got a pair of SR cranks that I'm gonna put on here and if I can find a campy dt clamp, some campy downtube shifters.
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