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Since I started just a few months ago, I知 just calculating my speed by my distance vs time.

Im only averaging about 14 miles distance on my rides now but am working toward 20. Mostly, I知 going an average of 13.5 mph. But on one ride, I pushed it and averaged 14.8. So, definitely fitness is the biggest factor, I would think.

The loop I ride is interesting, it痴 basically a flat, then downhill, then flat, them uphill to the original flat, it痴 just about 3.4 miles. I see the fitness improvements most clearly on the hill and being able to do it in lower and lower gears with the same cadence.

The bike is 27 lbs, 700c hybrid type tires.

The biggest thing that slows me down compared to road bikes is the wind resistance from the upright posture. On steeper downhills, road bikes can coast and I値l have to pedal to keep up. I crouched low one time just to see and it made a big difference. But, for now, I知 really just in it for fitness and my speed improvements are just measured against myself. I figure I知 actually getting an even better workout cycling through the wind anyway ; )

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