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Originally Posted by Hickeydog View Post
when all the important stuff happened within the past 100 years? In every history class I have ever taken, we usually just make it to WW2. Yeah, Rome and that jazz is semi-important, but all the good stuff that is VITAL in today's world all happened within the past 100 years. So why aren't we teaching our kids about Korea, Vietnam, and all that mistakes that were made? It's kinda hard to avoid repeating a mistake if you don't even know what it is.
We didn't start the fire....its been always burning since the world's been turning......

Typical kid response to history. All important stuff did NOT all happen in last 100 years.

History in general is designed to cover written history. By covering such a large span it will focus on major events. If you think things like Alexander the Great and Napoleon weren't important in history then you are sadly narrow thinking.

If you want to focus in more detail on the last 100 years, then you need to take "Contemporary History". I took a Contemporary history class my senior year in high school and it was fantastic. Lots of fun because I could relate to it better (which is why you think the way you do in the first place, I suspect).
Originally Posted by coffeecake View Post
- it's pretty well established that Hitler was an *******.
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