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Originally Posted by Tourist in MSN View Post
Just do not tighten it too much, Surly re-designed their LHT a few years after they first came out with the model and after that re-design they started getting warranty claims for crushed chainstays. That is when they started to deny warranty claims.

I use blue loctite on kickstand bolts, you only need to get the bolts tight enough so that the kickstand does not move around on your frame and the bolts can work loose if you do not use loctite. When I say loctite, that is a trademarked brand, I often use a competitor brand of threadlocker that is removable.

I've used the leather technique on a few other bikes, and I'm coming to like it quite a lot. I'll eventually paint the final version of my kickstand plate, and when I install that final version, I'll wet the leather and when it dries, it will have grooves in it and it will grip like mad.

The bike looks too clean. Has that been outside yet?

Indeed it is clean. I average 110-125 miles a week on it. I just keep all my bikes and my other stuff clean.

Order some of these, they look nicer than what you have for attaching your cable outer housing to the frame. Shipped from asia, expect it to take a month to arrive. A buck for 10 of them, you can't go wrong.

Thanks for the tip, but I don't like C-clips, and zip-ties are tacky imho. What you see is waxed artificial sinew. It draws the cable housing tight and holds it very well. I've been using it since the mid-'80s, and I like it a lot. In fact, I think I'm still using the original roll that I bought in a hobby shop in Frankfurt, Germany. I've also used hemp twine, and for sleek road bikes I use black carpet thread.
Good post, TiM. See my comments in BLUE.
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