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It is incumbent on the racer to know the course. Yes, races are marked and typically have marshals until they do not. And a racer may find himself riding alone either OTF or OTB. Knowing the course and the wind is a competitive advantage. Where do breaks typically occur? Where is it an advantage or crucial to be near the front? If you are popped OTB on a climb, is it feasible to chase back on during the descent?

Typically course marshals will wave the peloton through stop signs. However, be aware of traffic. We have had cases where cars do not obey course marshals and a couple of years ago a course marshal waved a car into the start of a race.

Know the centerline rules and listen up at the pre race instructions. Sometimes centerline rule is waved on some sections of road and always listen to an obey motor refs as they may neutralize the race to allow another field to pass. Good luck.
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