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Originally Posted by JeffOYB View Post
Wow, thanks! That place looks lively. Funny that a nonbiking place gets so much more action than this bike site. What in the world? Is there a chance that CX somehow appeals to freaks? Non-regular bikers?
It is what you make it. The front page is what it is, but there are quality discussions on every topic in specific subs

Originally Posted by JeffOYB View Post
Oh, it also reminds me that around here our enthusiast XC skiers refuse to ski locally because it's "not good enough." So a couple dozen of us mtbikers XC ski every day on all sorts of awesome trails and have an endless blast all winter every winter -- and can't get a single local actual skier to join us. They all wait until the weekends and drive 3 hours north -- to often ski on courses that are WORSE than our local trails. They each have 10 pairs of skis but they ALL say they don't have the right skis for the kind of singletrack ski trails that are everywhere around town and where they actually live. ...It's strange.

So i guess it makes sense / not-sense that there's a bike forum that bikers won't use.
This is similar to what I've experienced with CX here. There is a park where I live that is basically a perfect CX training loop (run-ups, long pedaling sections, mixed terrain, off-camber turns) if you ride the perimeter of it, yet I feel like I'm the only one who's ever ridden it. It's way better than the "regular" CX park in town.
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