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Originally Posted by Smokinapankake View Post
So I just would like to confirm that what I’m thinking is correct. I have a Nishiki Optima XRS, a 700c wheeled hybrid. I believe it to be a 1993 or 1994 based on component spec and various websites (know your bike and bikepedia, bicycle blue book). The frame has two serial numbers stamped on the bottom of the BB shell: F2K03288 on the drive side, and R935020176 on the non drive side. Is this a Fairley built frame, November 1992? All the Shimano date codes appear to either be 0 (or Q) and a letter, i.e., 0G (or QG) etc. If the 0 is actually a Q, then that would make better sense as the components are all Shimano 400CX or 700CX, which were only produced for a few years in the early 90’s. But the two numbers stamped into the BB shell are tripping me up. Any thoughts?

EDIT: After stumbling on T-Mar’s excellent Nishiki Serial Number Database post here on BF, I believe the R935020176 sn to be the correct serial number. That would therefore place it as a Derby manufactured frame, Kent Washington, on the 350th day of 1992, sequential production number of 0176. The component date codes would further support this as they were all manufactured sometime in 1992. But what is the other F2K number? Both numbers have factory paint down in them so were applied at the factory before painting. And I find it hard to believe the frame was made in the USA given the relatively low MSRP of $569 (according to bikepedia or bicycle blue book). But stranger things have happened, right?
The two serial numbers suggest the bicycle was manufactured in two different facilities. This is not unknown the bicycle industry. The F-number is definitely not Fairly but the format suggests it represents November 1992. This is 2-6 weeks prior to the date of the Kent serial number. This suggests that the F-number represents the frame's contract manufacturer. Given that both numbers are under the paint, it may have shipped in a phosphated or primed finish, being painted and assembled by Derby's Kent facility.

Given the very late 1992 serial numbers, the bicycle would be a 1993 model. Shimano 400CX and 700CX components were only produced for the 1993-1995 model years, though manufacturing on the 1993 model year components would have started at least as early as mid-1992. As such they should have "Q" though "T" year codes. Typically, Shimano distinguishes between the "O" and "Q" codes by overscoring a backslash (\) though the "Q".

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