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On the geometry tangent: What is the wheel base of the two bikes? Chainstay length? Head tube angle?

I've been of the mind that longer chainstays help with tracking a straighter line at the expense of a "feeling" of responsiveness. I have 2 bikes both with 20 inch (50cm) chainstays by design. I find they easily & deceptivly ride 18-22 mph on the flat/level but "feel" around 14 or 15mph.

Also the relaxed head tube angle may kick your front wheel further ahead (by comparison) making for a longer more stable bike that so you again, ride a straighter line. Also rough surfaces (which you say you ride on) is less likely to knock you to a new direction. Slacker HTA results in a bike that "rails" corners better (meaning at the expense of easy mid-corner corrections)...All this, of course, dependent on appropriate rake & trail being smartly chosen.

I ask because if your gravel bike does indeed have longer chainstays & slacker headtube than your aero bike it may help to explain your surprise. In short: In your particular situation, your gravel bike cutting through terrain may mean more than your aerobike cutting through the air.

I'm sure someone here will pipe in to educate me on my "wrongthink" but in anycase, for whatever reason, it sounds like you have a nearly optimal ride for conditions.

Rock on!
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