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This guy was seen yesterday about 5 miles from my house:

Second one in town in the last three years.

There will be bears in areas you will be in. Take whatever precautions that will make you comfortable. When I camp in bear country in NJ and am not near one of the few boxes in the campground I store my attractants in the rest room. Saw a very young cub there last year.

I'll be in bear country (black and grizzly) in MT and ID starting on Sunday. Chord is packed in case there are no bear boxes. A couple of places I plan to camp have them, but there is at least one I am not sure about.

Two years ago I was in big bear country in NW Pennsylvania. Took this photo a bit after I had a short staring match with a 500+ lb. bugger who had raided the campground dumpsters. We were about 25' apart. Quite exciting. Also made me mad. The place knows it has bear issues (Notice the mural on one of the dumpsters) but doesn't invest in proper disposal vessels. I think he came out of the forest that borders the western edge of the campground and walked near my tent because there was a pile of scat about 40'-50' from my site.

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