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Originally Posted by Koyote View Post
Honest question: why does anyone care about anyone else's annual mileage?
Not sure why. It's just interesting to read about how much time people spend on their hobbies. I'd probably find it interesting to hear how many miles that joggers run, or sets that tennis players play, or flowers that gardeners plant. There's no good/bad, right/wrong, just interesting to hear what folks are doing.

In this particular thread, I especially liked reading about the 84-year-old who is still grinding out 4,000 miles/year. That's inspiring. Also interested in how someone who wasn't biking at all 2 years ago suddenly goes 7,000 miles in a year. If I meet somebody who goes from 0 to 7,000 in any activity, I'd want to hear more about that. Probably a good story behind it.
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