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Originally Posted by Roody View Post
Sorry I mishandled my assignment.

Of course, a lot of traffic engineering involves slowing traffic by, in effect, making speeding drivers feel less safe (even though engineers probably wouldn't phrase it this way). For example: narrower lanes, streetside parking, longer and shorter "dashes" in the pavement striping, choke points, and many other techniques. These are common practice worldwide.

It's very true that the Monderman techniques have not been widely adopted. If the "trial applications" prove to be successful, I'm sure that they'll be used more at some future time. It seems prudent to adopt such radical changes rather slowly, doesn't it?
I doubt if anyone would suggest that lowering speed limits is a mechanism for making drivers "feel less safe".

I agree that it only makes sense to try out the Monderman techniques very slowly, if at all. I believe it would be downright ignorant to extrapolate from one or two tiny trials "reported" by the cheerleading from a few proponents of the technique.
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